just had the best hoagie of my life (again) for lunch today!  first of all these folks are top notch!  they are professional, courteous and seriously on their grustle (grind-hustle) at all times!  ain't no lolly-gaggin - they are movin 'n groovin' honey!  i noticed from day one they work very well together as a team to get the orders quickly and accurately.  I first tried their veggie hoagie back when they used to park on Walnut St. in Hbg in front of Strawberry Sq. then one day they were gone. I was so sad! :( but recently I saw an ad on Pennlive about the Hbg Food Truck Feast and I recognized their name & logo. OMG, I got super excited! so I went to the Feast and got a fish taco, my other fav thing from them (amazing) and my fiance got their Cuban sandwich (he loved it, and he's pretty picky lol). I found their website and they're near my job on Tuesdays. I made sure I was there today.  I called my order ahead, just like their website suggests, and it was ready when I arrived, as promised. AND she remembered my hot sauce ( I had forgotten, lol). wow, wow, wow! next time i'm getting the fish tacos. and then next time the veggie empanadas. and then next timethe veggie hoagie again. seriously u wld love it.  they use bagin cheese, u know the stinky stuff. and the bread, whoa. lol, I cant say enough good things about this place, deliciouso, fabuloso, all that!  check out their online menu and go get u some, NOW!

                                                                               - Sweetie J.     


  • Pompas Ricas2:18

I want to precursor this by saying I NEVER eat from food trucks. Ever.  This is until tonight and I had your steak tacos and your pork tacos. Then I came back for seconds - of each. Thanks for breaking the mold.

                                                             - Eric S. 

The best Cuban sandwiches....ever, end of story!  We have never had a bad meal ever, the chef and crew care about every customer and every serving they provide to you.  This is the high bar that you try to compare other trucks to but never will achieve....                                 - William H.   

Tried their carnita, which was out of this world.  Most definitely the best I've had.  Second came their Latino parfait and I could not put it down.  Of course all washed down with a Mandarin Jarritos!  Love Love LOVE this food truck.  The people were so friendly too!  My brother and I will definitely be keeping up with their locations.  Can't wait to try more!

                                                              - Tesh C. 

Like the movie "Chef" ...that Cubano was orgasmic!  Thanks for the experience!                                             - Michele G. 

We had the BEST Cuban Sandwich & Arroz con Gandules with Pernil! Yum!  Everyone should try this truck at least once!  We will definitely be following their location from now on.  Thank you for the delicious food.

                                                               - Jessica R. 

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Always delicious! I love the Italian pork with the sauteed spinach and the latin parfait (to die for)                           - Kelly K.